Made in China

A Memoir of Marriage and Mixed Babies in the Middle Kingdom

Made in China: A Memoir of Marriage and Mixed Babies in the Middle Kingdom

Can you live with your wife if she has not showered for a month?

Can you take your wife seriously if she starts wearing X-ray aprons?

Do you really have to eat the placenta?

In this extraordinary memoir, Simon answers all those questions and many more, highlighting the weird and wonderful world of cross-cultural marriage and parenthood in the Middle Kingdom.

Made in China is a humorous narrative that reveals Simon’s love for a country wonderfully full of contradictions and absurdities. He went to China as a language student, married the teacher, and made both a family and a new life for himself.

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Press & Praise

Interview with China Underground

In an interview with China Underground, Simon gives answers to questions about being a mixed couple going trough pregnancy in China. The challenges of being a couple with different cultural backgrounds, and how customs, traditions, and superstitions still play a very important role is put to light in the interview.


Starting a family in China can be a unique adventure, especially for cross-cultural couples. A native of Denmark, Simon Gjeroe shares his own foray into the world of parenting with his Chinese partner through his new book Made in China: A memoir of Marriage and Mixed Babies in the Middle Kingdom.


A delight to read

“A delight to read. In amongst all the tomes seeking to deep dive China, Simon Gjero’s is a refreshingly honest account of one of the most singular experiences in any culture – making, birthing and raising babies. This very personal account is also a very important window onto modern Chinese manners and customs.”

Paul French, author of Midnight in Peking

Part Manual, Part Memoir

“Part manual, part memoir, this richly detailed tale of fatherhood captures the wonderful, fascinating otherness of raising a baby in a culture outside of one’s own. Simon’s fun, funny and fascinating book is a reminder that however different (and often downright bizarre) the beliefs and traditions of others might seem when it comes to raising kids, ultimately it all comes from a place of love. A must-read for any parent-to-be, no matter where they are in the world.”

Tom O’Malley, author of Beijing Lonely Planet 12th Edition

Fun and Fascinating

“A fun and fascinating look at the intricacies of Chinese traditions surrounding pregnancy and birth, from nutrition to numerology. Simon Gjeroe offers a friendly helping hand to other foreigners attempting, like him, to navigate a path through a landscape of often perplexing cultural differences.”

Fuchsia Dunlop, author of Shark’s Fin and Sichuan Pepper: A Sweet-Sour Memoir of Eating in China


Made in China - A Memoir of Marriage and Mixed Babies in the Middle Kingdom on Amazon

Made in China:

A Memoir of Marriage and Mixed Babies in the Middle Kingdom

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